Dmytro Grinov – clase magistral

Clase magistral de «Free limits» (Danza improvisación) por Dmytro Grinov

Martes, 17 de Mayo, de 16 a 17.30 horas.

Precio: 20€; alumnos EBC Danza, FIC y ex FIC 15€.

«Límites libres» es una clase de improvisación. Estructurada y guiada, que se basa en la filosofía de que cada persona tiene algunas restricciones en su propio cuerpo y cómo podemos crear y utilizar nuestro propio movimiento para ser poderosos, eficientes y artísticamente creativos de la manera más orgánica y eficiente posible. Aunque la clase se basa en la improvisación estructurada, es muy física y exigente desde el punto de vista de movimientos, las cualidades, la creatividad y los retos a los que se tienen que enfrentar los alumnos.

Dmytro Grynov is a freelance dance artist, teacher and choreographer, who was born and grew up in Ukraine and currently is living and creating work in Berlin, Germany. He has performed in numerous projects both in theater and film productions across the globe, working with a wide range of dance companies and independent freelance artists, developing his own movement methodology “Free limits” and choreographing across the board. Most prominent collaborations were with companies such as Sasha Waltz & Guests, Unusual symptoms, Bodytalk, X Filme, SKY Television, Every Friday, Lunapark, Grace Euna Kim amongst others. Also he is proud of collaboration with freelance choreographers and former dancers from companies such as Batsheva dance company, Göteborgsoperans Danskompani and Ultima Vez.

Dmytro has taught his “Free limits” practice in various amount of professional dance institutions across the Europe such as Tanzraum Wedding, Dock 11, Tanzfabrik, Cie Toula Limnaouis (Berlin, Germany); K3 Tanzplan (Hamburg, Germany), Tanz Netwerk (Bremen, Germany), 4 für tanz (Leipzig, Germany), CMC Floorwork (Bari, Italy), Caro dance theater (Siedlce, Poland), Aura dance theater (Kaunas, Lithuania); Zahadance, Academy of Visual arts, Laboratoriya teatra (Kharkiv, Ukraine); Teploobmen, Metamorphosis, Procontemporary (Kyiv, Ukraine); Proaction (Dnipro, Ukraine). Currently Dmytro is successfully teaching his practice in the various professional dance companies and educational dance institutions in Germany and across Europe.

“Free limits” is a guided structured improvisation class which is based on the philosophy that every single person has some restrictions in their own body and how we can create and use our own movement in order to be powerful, efficient and artistically creative in the most organic and efficient way overcoming our limits that are set or already exist in the body and mind. Class is very physical and demanding from the point of movements, qualities, creativity and challenges which students have to face. It teaches to feel and perceive movement differently, to move more powerful and efficiently in space, to incorporate less usage of energy and most importantly – teach how to enjoy and find yourself in a variety of dance techniques and movements.

“Free limits” is 100% of joy, 90% of working with limits, 80% of creativity, 70% of active body training, 60% of floorwork, 50% of challenges, 40% of energy connectivity, 30% of partnering, 20% of spiritual practice, 10% of personal judgment, 0% of failure.